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Rapidly Shifting Your In-Person Course to Online: Copyright Considerations

Western faculty, staff and students are creators of material that is subject to the protections of the Canadian Copyright Act. Every day, we also use the copyright-protected material of others in the course of our research, teaching and learning. The law and its application by Canadian courts serve to strike an equitable balance between these creator and user rights. Accordingly, each of us has both privileges and obligations that arise from Canadian copyright law itself and as it has been interpreted and applied by the courts.

This Copyright webportal provides access to resources and services to assist in clarifying these privileges and obligations for the Western community.  It is designed to offer general copyright information and education not legal advice.

Please note that content on this webportal will be frequently updated and augmented as we expand copyright services on campus. Check the What's New box to the right for the latest additions and changes.

We acknowledge the support and expertise of our colleagues, particularly at the University of Toronto and The University of British Columbia. Both provided consent for us to adapt and use their materials at Western.

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